What to Consider When Choosing a Flashlight


Are you looking to buy a flashlight? If so, there are various things you should consider. When you start shopping, you may find that most flashlights look similar in design and size. However, their prices are bound to be different.


While flashlights may look similar, they perform differently. This is why they are priced differently. Flashlights that have been tested to offer the highest performance are quite pricier.


To find the right flashlight, consider the following:


i)             Water resistance

If you will be using the flashlight when camping, it is important to check whether it is water resistance. When it is raining at night when camping, you do not want your flashlight to stop functioning. You will also need a water resistant flashlight is you will be using it around bodies of water. To get more ideas on how to choose the best LED Flashlight, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laurie-nadel/life-lessons-from-hurricane-sandy_b_4168431.html.


There are three main water resistance ratings used. The ratings indicate:


o             Flashlights that can be used when temporary immersed in water (usually up to 4 hours) up to a specified depth/

o             Flashlights that can be used underwater

o             Flashlights which as splash resistant from all angles


ii)            Type of beam

The LED fenix light have a reflector that surrounds a bulb. This reflector determines who the light is dispersed. There are three common types of beams that LED flashlights can produce. These are:


o             Adjustable. This beam comes in a wide range of widths, from focused to wide, and any point in-between. For example, a climber would use a flood beam to study a map and a spot beam when looking for the next pitch.

o             Focused (or spot). This is a single beam that is condensed into a spotlight, enabling it to go for a long distance. This type of beam is best for fast-paced activities such as route-finding.

o             Fixed (or flood). This is a single beam width. The beam is good when you are doing general tasks such as walking or camping.


iii)           Type of bulb

You should also check the type of bulb used for the flashlight at this website you would like to buy. Advancements in LED technology have made other types of bulbs almost obsolete. There are still some few flashlight models that use incandescent such as krypton bulbs. However, the energy efficiency of these bulbs, brightness and run time does not beat that of LED bulbs.


You should research well to find the right flashlight. The above are the things to keep in mind to find the ideal LED flashlight for you.

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