Two Things to Consider Before Choosing a Flashlight


There are many types of flashlights in the market. Before you decide on the one to buy, you should do your research well. Keep in mind that price is likely to indicate the performance of the flashlight you will be choosing. Still, this does not mean you should go for the most expensive flashlight you come across. Instead, you should carefully consider your needs to know whether a particular flashlight will be right for you.


Apart from this, there are other factors to consider. These include:


i)             Type of battery

One of the factors to consider when choosing a flashlight is the type and availability of replacements. Here is what you should know:


o             Renewable batteries

Some flashlights have built-in batteries that are energized by a solar panel or a hand crank. These batteries are ideal for emergency kits.


o             Rechargeable batteries

You can recharge built-in lithium batteries using a USB connection from a solar panel, DC or AC outlet, or a computer. These batteries come at quite an expensive price. However, the cost is justified with the low ongoing running costs. With these batteries, you will not need to use disposable batteries, which helps to reduce environmental waste. Read more about this here.


o             Disposable batteries

These are the common battery sizes (AA or AAA) used and are easily available online at local stores. There are also other disposable batteries that many people prefer, which are however expensive and hard to find. These batteries are small in weight and size but produce a higher voltage. This explains why LED flashlights can be small and light. There are also flashlights that use D cell batteries. These flashlights are ideal if you want a baton-size tool for security.

To read more on the importance of LED Flashlight, check out


NOTE: Unless recommended by the manufacturers, you should not use lithium or lithium-ion batteries on any flashlight. Using the batteries can damage the flashlight when you mismatch them.


ii)            Regulated output

Flashlights that have regulated power supply maintain a steady brightness level throughout the lifecycle of the battery. However, as the battery life coms near the end, the light output will significantly and abruptly drop. From there, unregulated lights will start bright but grow dimmer progressively and the battery power is drained.


You should know what activities you will be using the tactical light for. This will help you determine what kind of brightness to look for, materials to consider and other factors.


Following the two tips above will help you find the right flashlight.

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